The story of any region is based on its roots and character.
In order to know who we are, we need to know our roots – our origins and our history. And it’s just as important to define our character – what’s typical for us and what makes us different from others. This applies to people as well as brand, product or even region. Everything is based on the texts that describe our roots and character: any brochure, website or the tiniest flier has to be based on the roots and character of the region. And why is that? Because our narrative needs to be unified and authentic. Not only the story but also all the materials based on it need to have the same foundation. In fact, the story of the region describes how these and our values form who we are.


  • Ideal size and location
  • Understanding its exceptional character, our ancestors turned this region into a crossroads of trade routes along the Amber Road. Located among Vienna, Prague and Bratislava, it has remained exceptional and offers unique comfort to all who arrive: big on opportunities, small on distance. Everything is so close here – universities, historical sights, state institutions, and major airports. And you can walk through the centre of Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest city, in just a few minutes!
  • We enjoy our Central European climate, varied nature and versatile landscape
  • We have a typical Central European climate with real seasons and as varied as the region itself. The fertile lowlands of the Lower Morava Valley turn into the Pálava Hills with their vast vineyards, through which the Thaya River meanders. The Moravian Karst spreads to the north, with Chřiby, the Vizovice Hills and the White Carpathians to the east. What a beautiful place! And there’s an activity for everyone to enjoy here. Outdoor people have hiking, biking, motor biking, and camping out, gardeners spend the whole summer outside, and food enthusiasts never get bored sampling the local food. And everybody, even those just passing through, is absolutely charmed by how green this region and the city of Brno are.
  • A rich history close to everybody
  • This is where history was made and lots of things started. This is where somebody created a small figurine which, thousands of years later, we now call the Venus of Dolní Věstonice. This is where the Great Moravian Empire used to spread from and where trade caravans delivering goods travelled. Even the places we walk through every day still bear the signs of battle fought by Napoleon’s army. All these stories beg to be told, and they are: they live on thanks to the numerous museums of this region, all open to the public.
  • Long tradition of innovation, invention, and discovery
  • In the 18th and 19th centuries it was called “Moravian Manchester”, as local textile factories had risen to global importance. Then our region made a name for itself among engineering leaders, built up the largest exhibition grounds in Central Europe, founded a polytechnic university and today boasts its position as an epicentre for research and development. It was here that Gregor Mendel defined the laws of inheritance, Viktor Kaplan developed his turbine, Kurt Gödel started to work on his logical theorems, and where Leoš Janáček began his musical journey. And brands like Zetor, Zbrojovka, Lachema, Tesla and Královopolská will forever be our national jewels and proof that this is where people have always managed to turn their visions into reality.
  • The future of our region lies in knowledge 
  • Don’t worry – as passionate as we are about our history, we aren’t stuck in the past. Knowledge economy in this region is thriving, as the many research centres based here show. Every year thousands of promising young people come here to begin their careers at local high schools and universities. Brands such as AVG, Y Soft, Safetica, Tescan, and dozens of other products and companies with global reach are based here in our region.
  • Home to kind, hospitable and active people
  • Everybody, even those only passing through, will confirm that it’s the people who make this place so unique. Typically, they are hospitable, cordial and social people, with a peculiar sense of humour, and they care about traditions and live in harmony with nature. Proud of their local products and always original and authentic. Thanks to the unique size of this region the local people are close to each other and enjoy getting together in numerous clubs and associations. They like to get involved and care for the common good, so it’s no wonder that this region stands out thanks to its many environmental organizations. For all the reasons and many more, including the strong religious beliefs of locals, society here can be described as emancipated, authentic, tolerant, and open-minded.
  •  A blend of numerous influences, nationalities, and generations
  • Not so long ago this place was inhabited by three nationalities – Czech, Jews, and Germans. These days the region enjoys a steady influx of new blood and ideas. Every year thousands of students from all over the Czech Republic come here to study, and many of them never leave. In addition, a lot of people from other parts of the world move to work here.
  •  Special experiences wherever you go
  • This place is where the traditional meets the modern. History, in the form of UNESCO sites, significant architecture or folk traditions on one hand, balanced with current wine-making culture or modern café culture, following from the interwar tradition, on the other. We care about culture here and you can choose from an exceptional, wide range of theatres, galleries, musical events or films. And faith, based on the Catholic tradition, as well as emphasis placed on nationality are important parts of people’s lives here.



Our region feels like a typical home; a place where you are safe, you can be who you really are and enjoy hospitality, open arms and true closeness – to everything and everybody. The hustle and bustle of the cities, harmoniously complemented by the peace and spirit of smaller places. The locals feel close to their country and care about traditions, the environment and their shared past. They don’t pretend, aren’t afraid of self-reflection, and are excellent at improvising. Also, they are authentic and enjoy their lives to the fullest.
Since time immemorial, this place has been a large crossroads. A space where people would meet, pass on information, and share and develop ideas, which is exactly what pushes this region forward. For many it’s just a short stop on their long journey, but those who come back enjoy a heady experience – I’m at home, I know this place, and I’m welcome here.
The people of this region care about relationships and know that they are crucial for a happy life. Colleagues become friends who share more than just work duties. The best results are achieved here by never forgetting the most basic characteristic of any society – cooperation. They believe that “together we can go further” and know that cooperation based on respect is always effective. They are used to sharing their experience, both positive and negative, and typically do so in the traditional form of storytelling. Anybody can come up with new ideas and the same fair rules apply to everyone. People like to get involved here, simply because they feel responsible for what happens beyond their gardens. They believe that civic society makes sense and that it’s important to help build it.
The landscape of this region is a very pleasant sight. It’s also democratic, as we all share it. The people of this region have a lot in common with its landscape – kindness, hospitability… They’re patient and can wait, they like things to be peaceful, and they put heart into everything they do. They see their home as a safe haven where ideas are born step by step and where there’s time to let things ripen. Mistakes or errors aren’t punished and are instead seen as experience, and people always find sufficient support and help nearby when trying new things. They live in harmony with nature in which they relax, have fun, and earn their living.
Our region is a place of transformation and gradual change for the better. A place which has already shown its ability to renew itself many times over, a place of permanent imperfections and high expectations. Creativity is something like a passion here, and initiative, healthy risk-taking, and improvisation are appreciated. Thanks to the long tradition of improving things, the locals themselves are innovators and even pioneers. They seek inspiration around them and make rational, wise decisions based on their wide range of knowledge and abilities. At the same time, they still see the whole picture and are able to step back and think in new, different, unconventional ways.
Anywhere you go, thousands of small opportunities are waiting for those who feel like exploring unexplained mysteries, coming up with new solutions, and turning the imperfect into the viable. People strongly believe in happy endings here; they turn to the future and welcome everything it brings.