This project requires as many people as possible to get ACTIVELY involved in it. Only then will we all see the results we are looking for. #brnoregion is a concept you can use in your communication as you see fit.
You can use a single image or adopt all the graphical elements in your communication. You can insert the texts from the Toolbox into your materials or just get inspired by them… There are no limits!
We don’t have any logo or slogan; what we have is a vision, clear goals, and common values. People from our regional innovation ecosystem may participate in the project as they see fit while strengthening the image of the #brnoregion knowledge region by simply using our materials.
How to get actively involved?

• Provide us with information:

  • we need to know what’s happening. What went well, what you’re working on, what conference you’re organizing – we’d like to hear about anything related to the knowledge region, especially in relation to development, research and innovation. Tell us about your success, activities, and awards you’ve received! Share anything suitable to be published on social media and in the online world.

How? Contact us at

• Use the materials

  • Download the materials
The #brnoregion toolbox is an online collection of downloadable images, texts, and presentations – simply everything you’ll need to spread the glory of our knowledge region. At you can find both ready-made materials and their individual parts, so you can choose finished, professionally polished work or dozens of various components for you to use in creating your own final version.
  • Use the website
At you can find everything you’d like to know about #brnoregion: articles, news, interesting facts, contacts, etc. Everything is regularly updated and new things are added every week, so it really pays off to keep coming back. The website could even contain an article about you, your company, your research, etc. And if it doesn’t contact us to find out how to fix that.
  • Join us on social media
Social media channels are the quickest sources for all news from our region and it works the other way round too: through Facebook or Twitter the world has a chance to learn about you and your success. Currently, you can find #brnoregion on:
  • Twitter: @brnoregion
  • Facebook/brnoregion
  • Use the hashtag
If you don’t find any of our materials useful, please use the #brnoregion hashtag in your own posts on social media.
  • Make #brnoregion part of your marketing communication
Expand your marketing activities and add your place of origin – #brnoregion. Talk about where you’re from and where you create and work.
  • Give us your feedback

In order to improve, we need to know if what we’ve come up with actually works. We’d like to know about your practical experience with our materials as well as your insights related to the target groups all this has been designed for. The best use of our materials will be published as case studies for inspiration. Please send your feedback to

We did our best, yet we might have missed something. If you don’t find the help you need from among the options offered, please contact us at and together we can come up with something to satisfy your needs.